How to show Favicons in Safari Tabs for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Every website has its favicon. A favicon is a small image often containing the website’s logo. Favicons give the website a unique identity and are therefore easy to recognize.

Since iOS 12 and Safari 12, you have the choice to add these favicons to the tabs. Not only on the Mac but also the iPhone and iPad. This way, you can see at a glance which websites you have open in Safari. Activating these logos is very easy.

Enable Favicons on a Mac

  • Open Safari
  • Navigate to the menu bar ▸ Safari
  • Click on ‘Preferences’
  • Open the ‘Tabs’ tab
  • Enable ‘Show website icons in tabs’

show website icons in tabs in safari on mac

Show Favicons for iOS Safari

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  • Navigate to ‘Safari’
  • Then enable the option ‘Show symbols in tabs’

The favicons are immediately visible in the tabs on the iPad and the overview of all open websites (overlapping squares). You first have to tap on the overlapping squares on an iPhone before you can see the symbols.

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