Microsoft is in no hurry to close security hole Internet Explorer

In response to TechCrunch, Microsoft announced that there is currently a dangerous security hole in Internet Explorer being used by hackers. However, Microsoft does not intend to close the leak in the browser quickly.

internet explorer logoSaturday, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US CERT) announced that a dangerous flaw in Internet Explorer is actively used by hackers. This makes everyone who is currently still using Internet Explorer vulnerable.

Microsoft says it is working on a patch, but it may take a while. The tech giant expects the patch to be included in a new round of monthly Windows updates at the beginning of February. Until then, computers with Internet Explorer will remain vulnerable.

The leak allows hackers to install programs on a computer remotely. Earlier this week, a similar leak was discovered in web browser Firefox. A security update was immediately released for Firefox.

Microsoft has been advising users against using Internet Explorer for a long time. The old web browser is only minimally supported. The current browser of Microsoft is Edge. The Edge browser is actively supported by Microsoft.

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