How to easily take screenshots with Firefox (Complete Guide)

Did you know you can easily take a screenshot with the Mozilla Firefox web browser? No need to download tools to take a screenshot, you can take a screenshot from Firefox in the web browser.

Let’s get started.

Start the Firefox web browser, in the page action menu, which you can find in the address bar on the right next to the page URL, click on it and open “Take a screenshot.”

how to take screenshot in firefox

Now you can drag or hover over and click visible elements on the web page to capture. When you drag your mouse across the webpage, you will capture that section you need, however, when you hover over and click an element such as a button or a textbox, that element is captured in the screenshot tool in Firefox.

Also, in the top right corner, there are two buttons, a “Save full-page” button, and a “Save visible” button.

take full page screenshot in firefox

The Save full page button takes a screenshot of the whole webpage that might not be visible for you but is load into the Firefox browser. The Save visible button only takes a screenshot of what is visible for you.

When you have taken the screenshot, you have two options. The first option is to copy the screenshot to the clipboard so you can paste it in whatever editor you want to, and the second is to download the screenshot.

save screenshot in firefox

When you download the screenshot, the screenshot is saved to your download folder on your device.

It is straightforward to take a screenshot with Firefox, and it can save you external tools to take screenshots.

Firefox offers this useful tool for free, and it works great, especially when you are a web developer or graphical designer!

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