Fix: The Proxy Server is refusing connections error in Mozilla Firefox (Guide)

Do you experience the Proxy server is refusing connections error in Firefox? If you see the error: Proxy server is refusing connections in Firefox, then Firefox tries to connect to an unresponsive proxy server configured in the Firefox settings.

In this instruction, I’ll guide you on how to remove the unresponsive proxy settings from the Firefox web browser settings.

the proxy server is refusing connections firefox

How to fix “The Proxy server is refusing connections” error in Firefox

Open the Firefox browser, in the top right corner open the Firefox menu. In the Firefox menu open the Firefox Options.

firefox menu options

In the left menu click on General, scroll down to Network Settings. Open the Settings in the Network Settings section.

network settings firefox

In the proxy settings in Firefox, change Manual configuration or Use System Proxy settings to auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

change proxy settings firefox

It’s that easy, I hope this article has helped you to fix the Proxy server is refusing connections error in your Firefox browser.


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