Mozilla addressed three major annoyances in Firefox

In the latest version of Firefox, Mozilla has made a number of changes that make it a lot more pleasant for users on the Internet.

Mozilla has addressed three major annoyances in Firefox. Firefox developers are doing everything in their power to serve users better and better, for example by tackling annoyances on the Internet.

Think of Google, which has implemented an ads policy for websites that show too many ads or too large a size. Mozilla has not been quiet with Firefox either.

No more automatic playback of media content

In the most recent Firefox version, automatic video playback is a thing of the past.

To play videos in Firefox, the user must now click on the play button. However, videos that are played on social media without sound are immediately visible, think of Facebook but also YouTube videos.

Improved search engine functionality

A number of changes have also been made to the search engine functions. For example, it is possible to search in multiple tabs simultaneously, the search options for incognito tabs are more extensive and you can now set up a search engine for safe mode in Firefox.

Blocks annoying pop-ups

In Firefox, the pop-ups have also been addressed. Firefox blocks as many annoying pop-ups as possible, however, a major irritation after a pop-up was that after closing the pop-up users returned to the beginning of the page.

This is a past time, Firefox now places you back to where you left off on the page.

It is good to see that Mozilla Firefox also thinks along with users!

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