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sign in with apple

Sign in with Apple: The new login system for websites and apps

During the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new authentication model. Sign in with Apple allows users to easily sign up to websites and apps. Sign in with Apple offers users the possibility to easily log into websites and apps using their existing AppleID.

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How to Manage automatic login settings in Safari for iOS and Mac

Safari for Mac and iOS for iPhone or iPad now support iOS 12.2 and Mojave 10.14.4 to automatically login for websites. The website sign-in process has changed; previously, Safari automatically filled in the website username and password; now, Safari also automatically logs you in.

search in safari tabs mac

How to Search Tabs in Safari for Mac, iPad and iPhone (iOS)

When you work with tabs in Safari on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you know that many open tabs form a cluttered whole. It can take a while to quickly find an open website in the tabs. But it might be much quicker by searching the tabs that are opened in Safari.

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