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How to Uninstall ITL Driver Updater – Removal Guide

ITL Driver Updater is a Potentially Unwanted Program. ITL Driver Updater infiltrates your PC system among the installation of other software, for this reason, ITL Driver Updater is known as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). ITL Driver Updater is a PC Optimizer. However, ITL Driver Updater displays false positives to convince users into thinking their PC is highly infected… Read More »

What is a VPN and how does a VPN protect against malware?

What is a VPN, and what can you do with a VPN? Let me start with what the word VPN stands for. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a secure internet connection between two computers, usually a client and a server. The VPN client connects to a dedicated VPN server, both of which establish a secure… Read More »

How to Remove Tachyon internet security 5 – Uninstall Guide

Tachyon internet security 5.0 is an antivirus software application. Tachyon internet security infiltrates your PC system among the installation of other software, for this reason, Tachyon internet security is known as a “rogue” deceptive application. Tachyon internet security displays many virus positives to convince users into thinking their PC is highly infected or damaged.

AdwCleaner 7.4 – AdwCleaner detects pre-installed software

AdwCleaner, the popular free adware removal tool from Malwarebytes, has new features. One of these new features is a tool that allows you to remove pre-installed software from computer manufacturers or installation software. AdwCleaner now recognizes bloatware. Bloatware is a term for the software that some manufacturers pre-install on computers. The computer user often wants to remove this… Read More »