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[Information] Zemana Endpoint Security 1.9.285 changelog


Admin / Security Staff
Staff member

  • Added sending audit logs to syslog and system admin
  • Added Bosnian language support
  • Added editting feature for exclusion lists
  • Added auto-focus for modal windows
  • Added watchdog for agent service status control
  • Added Deploy Manager application to Control Center
  • Refactored some code blocks for better error tracking
  • Refactored endpoint interval calculator
  • Fixed authorization issues
  • Fixed an issue with password retrieval when no smtp servers are configured
  • Fixed a minor issue about missing quarantine items
  • Fixed some cross-browser issues
  • Fixed license reactivation bug
  • Fixed a problem involving failover task store
  • Fixed endpoint rename issue
  • Fixed endpoint ip change issue
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved web session management
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements