AdwCleaner advanced features – information and how to use

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner is a free malware removal tool for Microsoft Windows devices. AdwCleaner is able to detect and remove adware, browser hijacker, potentially unwanted programs and toolbars from your computer and internet web browser.AdwCleaner requires no installation, just download AdwCleaner, run AdwCleaner and update AdwCleaner to detect and remove malicious ad-supported applications from your PC. AdwCleaner is simple to use. However, AdwCleaner also offers more advanced features to repair settings and remove specific traces of malware from your PC.

AdwCleaner advanced features

Open AdwCleaner, run as administrator. Goto the Settings tab. AdwCleaner is able to perform repair actions during the malware removal process. If you need to repair or reset specific configurations and settings the switch should be enabled to ON.

adwcleaner advanced features

Go back to the Dashboard tab and click on the Scan Now button.

adwcleaner scan now

Once the malware scan is finished, click the Run Basic Repair button and reboot your PC.

adwcleaner run basic repair

Delete IFEO keys

IFEO, image file execution options keys. These IFEO registry keys can be abused by malware to hijack the default windows executables. Once the user, for example, executes iexplore.exe or starts the windows task manager, malware can be attached using the IFEO registry keys, so the malware is executed along with the default windows actions. AdwCleaner is also to restore the IFEO registry entries in the Windows registry.

Delete tracing keys

Tracing keys are used to detect network problems. Malware is known to enable tracing and leaves traces. AdwCleaner can clean the file tracing keys for you.

Delete Prefetch files

Windows enables prefetching to make system boots or applications startups faster. The .pf files are located in c:\windows\prefetech\ and contain a summary of the files executed during a boot of Windows. AdwCleaner can clean the prefetch logfiles.

Reset Proxy

External or internal proxies are abused by malware to redirect internet traffic through an application or server. Using a proxy malware is able to modify the internet traffic and inject advertisements or worse. AdwCleaner can reset the proxy settings to default, which is no proxy.

Reset Chrome Policies

Adware is known to install browser extensions in the Chrome browser and adjust browser settings that can not be changed. These Chrome browser settings are installed by enterprise policy. AdwCleaner can reset these Chrome policies so the browser extension and settings can be changed or reset to default.

Reset TCP/IP

TCP/IP settings are used to connect to the internet. These settings can be abused by malware to redirect internet traffic or modify internet traffic. AdwCleaner is able to reset the TCP/IP settings to default if the network uses DHCP.

Reset Firewall

Microsoft Windows has an inbuilt firewall, this firewall allows applications and networks to connect to the internet. Malware is known to add applications and change firewall settings. AdwCleaner is able to restore the Windows Firewall to default settings.

Reset IPSec

IPSec is a protocol used to establish an encrypted connection between hosts. IPSec can cause connection troubles due to specific malware. AdwCleaner can reset the IPSec settings to default.

Reset BITS

Background Intelligent Transfer Service is used to transfer software between hosts, due to malware the BITS queue can cause connection problems. AdwCleaner is able to reset the BITS queue.

Reset IE Policies

Internet Explorer has the option to enable policies for a specific set of settings. These internet explorer settings cannot be changed without administrator permissions. Malware is known to abuse the internet explorer policies. AdwCleaner can reset the Internet Explorer policies.

Reset Winsock

Fix connection problems using the Reset Winsock option in AdwCleaner. Malware is known to cause connection problems by damaging the Winsock settings. AdwCleaner can restore the Winsock settings.

Reset HOSTS files

the Windows Hosts file maps hostnames to IP-addresses. Malware is known to hijack the HOSTS file and add entries to reroute domains to other IP-addresses. AdwCleaner can restore the HOSTS files to default, an empty HOSTS file, which is the Windows default.

Need real-time malware protection?

AdwCleaner has no real-time protection to protect your device against malware. Need real-time protection? Check out Malwarebytes anti-malware.


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