Avira Software Updater – Keep Software UpToDate Easily!

Keep the software on your PC up to date is very important to prevent all sorts of malware from infecting your PC. If a software application is outdated it is possible for attackers to exploit these flaws and compromise your computer.

A good example is an outdated web browser or a web browser add-on such as Adobe flash player. Add-ons are frequently updated because bugs were found in the add-on and cybercriminals are exploiting these bugs to compromise lots of computers.

If your computer software is not up to date the computer is vulnerable to such attacks and a malware infection is at risk. Anno 2018 cybercriminals attack PC users through malvertising (a combination of malware and advertising) attacks. Cybercriminals target a huge group of computers users through an infected or compromised advertisement network and exploit as much as computers possible.

It is therefore extremely important to regularly check the PC for software updates. However, doing this manual check for each separate software application can take a lot of time. The free software Avira provides can automate that for you. Keeping your software up to date the easy way.

Avira Software Updater – Keep Software-UpToDate Easily!

Install Avira Software Updater

Download Avira Software Updater (official website)

  • Select “Accept and install” – Administrator (UAC) Required.

  • Allow Avira Connect to make changes to your computer in order to install.
  • Select Yes

  • Avira Software Updater is now installing, this takes a few minutes.
    In the meantime Avira Offers other software, it’s your choice to accept these offers.
  • Please wait…

  • Once installed select “Start Avira Software Updater

  • Please note, a reboot may be required, in some cases.
  • Automatically Avira Software Updater monitors your software for outdated versions and offers a Download or Download All button.
    The Download button updates the outdated software you selected, the Download All downloads all outdated software at once.
  • Avira Software Updater does not take you to the official website of the software but downloads it for you.
    After the download, you need to manually install the most recent version.

  • After updating all the outdated software, you’ll get a nice green bar “All software is up to date”. Awesome!

  • Avira Software Updater has one other nice feature

Turn on Windows Updates using Avira Software Updater

  • Go to the wrench icon in the left bottom corner “Settings”.
  • If Windows updates if off select the “Turn On” button.
  • It is very important to receive Windows updates for multiple reasons, it goes without saying this feature should always be enabled. Avira Software Updates makes it’s very easy to enable these updates if turned off. Enjoy!

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