How to Remove Trojan.BitcoinMiner malware – Virus Removal guide

In case your antivirus solution detected a webpage or an application as Trojan.BitcoinMinerYour computers GPU or CPU (or both) is abused to mine for the digital currency. Many websites or applications that you can download from the internet contain malicious code to mine for the cryptocurrency, mostly Monero.

The Trojan.BitcoinMiner malware is spread across the internet using many different methods. Some websites deploy javascript code from Coin Hive in order to make revenue through javascript crypto-mining using the browser of their victims or bundle their crypto miner malware with free software you can download from legit websites.

remove trojan bitcoin miner malware Trojan.BitcoinMinerSince cryptocurrency is big business, cyber crooks find many different methods to spread their miners for revenue. At the time of writing, crypto miners are a real epidemic for the regular, unaware computer user. Occasionally we download adware “download managers” from the internet. These free ‘legit’ download managers, also deploy crypto miners, for example, securedisk and websock both notorious malware crypto miners that exhaust the CPU, causing many other PC problems.

We didn’t see crypto miners so active at the beginning of 2017, now January 2018 crypto miners are deployed by many free downloads you can download from the internet, even at legitimate web pages. Not only free downloads may contain crypto miners, criminals are known to compromise websites and infect the website with hidden javascript code to mine for the digital currency, such as monero or bitcoin. Crypto miner malware campaigns are a real epidemic. Dr web and Trend Micro noticed an increase in zero-day software vulnerability attacks that are used to compromise servers and install a crypto miner.

Protect your computer, crypto miners are here to stay. Malwarebytes is an excellent protection against the deceptive and dangerous malware cybercriminals use to mine for the legit cryptocurrency such as monero, litecoin, and bitcoin.

How to Remove Trojan.BitcoinMiner malware

Get rid of Malware with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is free to use, detect, and remove malware from your computer. Detect the latest adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other malware with Malwarebytes. Protect your PC with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes works perfectly in addition to a virus scanner.

Download Malwarebytes Free (direct download) or Read more


Run the Malwarebytes program installation file. Click here for Malwarebytes installation instructions.
Click Scan Now to start examining for malware.

malwarebytes main

Malwarebytes will start searching for malware, please wait for Malwarebytes to finish the malware scan.
Malwarebytes usually takes between 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes scanning adware virus malware

Once the malware scan is performed, Malwarebytes will present the results of the malware scan.
Remove the malware found by Malwarebytes using the Quarantine Selected button.

malwarebytes virus malware adware results

Wait for Malwarebytes to move all malware to quarantine.

malwarebytes quarantine malware virus adware

Malwarebytes needs to make a system reboot to finish the malware removal process.
Save and close any working documents or open web pages and click Yes to reboot your PC.

malwarebytes finished remove malware adware virus

After the system reboot, your PC is clean from malware. Stay protected with Malwarebytes against future threats. Malwarebytes stops adware, potentially unwanted programs, malicious web pages, suspicious downloads, viruses, spyware and ransomware from infecting your machine.

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