Google malware removal tool for Google Chrome

Google has released a tool to remove add-ons, extensions and other suspicious programs that may cause problems for the Windows version of the Google Chrome browser. The malware removal tool is created to expand the security of Google Chrome’s browser, in order to protect against malicious or suspicious add-ons.

The tool requires no installation.
After the scan Google Malware Removal Tools shows a simple dialog box with the result. This is a preliminary test version for only the Windows version of Chrome. Google recommends that you create a restore point from Windows before executing the Malware Removal Tool. The application must be in accordance with Google and is not seen as a virus and removes only certain type of browser malware, too bad Google does not publish a list of malicious programs the tool specifically scans for.
Our malware-analysts tested it against the most common adware at this moment and nothing was found.

chrome malware removal tool results

Adware from 215 apps was found, it still detects lot’s of adware but not the adware that is spreading a lot at this moment. If you experience advertisements in Google Chrome and your on Windows OS, try Google Malware Removal tool.

Download here (official website)


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