How to scan with Malwarebytes without internet connection – Info & Tutorial

Malwarebytes no internet connection? Malwarebytes is the perfect addition to your antivirus solution. Malwarebytes has an excellent detection ratio when it comes to virus detection, adware detection, trojan detection, ransomware detection and potentially unwanted program detection. 

However, despite the excellent performance of Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes is also notorious among cybercriminals. In several tests we have performed, there is regularly malware installed that attempts to disable or block Malwarebytes from starting or scanning properly. These malware applications might corrupt the internet connection, leaving the user with no internet connection and an infected PC with malware.

In this article, I am going to provide you with a method to start and update Malwarebytes with the latest anti-malware definition update files without an internet connection. After these steps, you should be able to remove the malware from your infected computer without internet!

malwarebytes unable to contact update server

Run Malwarebytes without an internet connection

Before you begin you need a USB stick or an external storage device, for example, an external hard disk and a not infected computer. You need this non-infected PC to download Malwarebytes and the update files, we need to move them on the external (USB) device.

Start with downloading Malwarebytes (Download Malwarebytes – direct download link) and save it to the non-infected computer. Also, download the latest Malwarebytes update files and save the files in the same location as the Malwarebytes installation file, usually the Downloads folder.

Run the mbam-rules.exe file.

run mbam-rules file

Disconnect the USB stick or external device from the non-infected PC and connect the device to the infected PC. Copy the installation file and folder containing the latest Malwarebytes updates to the Windows Desktop.

Install Malwarebytes with the installation file, no internet connection is needed for Malwarebytes installation. After successful installation, open the mbam-rules folder and install the latest Malwarebytes rules, mbam-rules.exe and mbam2-rules.exe to update Malwarebytes without an internet connection.

malwarebytes rules installation

Open Malwarebytes and perform a scan, Malwarebytes is updated with the latest virus detection files. You can confirm the latest update package installation in the About tab in the Malwarebytes Settings.

malwarebytes update without internet

When Malwarebytes is not starting at all, you can use the Malwarebytes is not starting instructions to solve the problem.
Good luck!

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