Introducing Malwarebytes VPN (Malwarebytes Privacy) protect your privacy

Malwarebytes has released its VPN service under the name: Malwarebytes Privacy. Malwarebytes VPN service is a service that Malwarebytes has developed itself.

A third party develops network infrastructure, and Malwarebytes has developed the Microsoft Windows application. There is currently only a Windows version of Malwarebytes VPN available. Clients for other operating systems will become available in the future.

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Malwarebytes VPN ensures that hackers have no chance to steal your data. Every connection to the Malwarebytes VPN server is secured with 256-bit encryption. Due to the encryption, it is impossible to steal data via Wifi or a public network.

Malwarebytes VPN uses a new VPN protocol that makes the VPN connection faster than other VPN servers. By using a VPN server, you can also guarantee your online privacy because it looks like you are connecting to the internet from another location (another country).

malwarebytes privacy vpn

Users who are afraid of online trackers and ad networks can use Malwarebytes VPN to hide their online activity. Because the client uses a server IP address of one of the Malwarebytes VPN servers, advertisers can’t follow the online activity of Malwarebytes VPN users.

The Malwarebytes VPN service has 180+ servers in 30+ countries. The VPN client allows you to set up a fast connection to one of the Malwarebytes servers at all times. Your internet speed remains as fast as you would have without a VPN connection.

Malwarebytes offers the guarantee that the Malwarebytes VPN service does not follow your online activity, which some other VPN services do.

More information about Malwarebytes VPN.

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