Remove Adware extension from Google Chrome (Removal Guide)

remove adware from Google ChromeWhen you experience advertisements and pop-ups in Google Chrome it is advised to check Google Chrome for additional adware or potential unwanted software. The adware may cause all kind of problems within Google Chrome, adware may cause unwanted redirects, pop-ups or inline text advertisements with ads you do not want. These ads are used to promote sales or web-traffic to malicious websites or publisher in order to make revenue. These ads, pop-ups or redirects are caused by “adware” but adware is a name we give to a specific component that is installed against Google Chrome. The true problem in Google Chrome is often a malicious Browser Extension.

What is adware

Adware or advertising-supported software is any software application that displays advertisements while it’s running. These applications also contain codes that display these ads in a pop-up or pop-under window or in another window that appears on the computer screen. Adware helps recover development costs or maintain costs for the developers. Prices of the application to the user layer or even free Revenues software developers can generate profits and motivate them to continue to develop and maintain these applications. Some adware is also shareware, users can also opt for a “registered” version set that contain no ads (this is not the case in Browser Extensions for Google Chrome)
Some adware programs also include a code that keeps track of a user’s personal infromation and passes it on to third parties without the approval or knowledge of the user. This is called spyware, or for most non-technical computer users a “virus”.

How to Remove Extensions from Google Chrome

the fastest and easiest way to remove adware from Google Chrome is to reset Google Chrome to default settings. The problem with resetting is, you lose all your preferences. The other way to clean Google Chrome is to look for malicious or unwanted extensions and remove them.

Open Google Chrome

extensions chrome 1

Select Google Chrome menu in the top right corner and select Settings

extensions chrome 2

Select Extensions in the left menu

extensions chrome 3

Click the trash icon to remove the desired extension from Google Chrome.


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