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    We ran adware tests on our sandboxed machine, in this particular case a Windows 10 machine. After a successful malware scan with a known anti-malware solution, an adware problem was not completely solved. After a reboot, we then tried to run Malwarebytes to remove the threat and clean our machine.

    When we started Malwarebytes we came to notice that Malwarebytes was added to the blocked filter of Windows SmartScreen. We weren’t able to start Malwarebytes nor AdwCleaner, both signed by the same publisher Malwarebytes. 

    The publisher Malwarebytes must have been added by some form of adware or malware to the Untrusted Certificates repository. Unfortunately, we could not figure out what kind of malware was responsible for this. So we fixed this problem and shared the information with our visitors.

    Malwarebytes Blocked Publisher Windows 10

    After a look in the Certificates Snap-in at Windows 10, we came to notice a lot of security vendor certificates were added to the Untrusted Publisher repository. You can see the summary of certificates added to untrusted certificates repository below in the image. Almost all antivirus vendors are added to the list and are unable to start and protect your PC properly.

    Untrusted Publisher added by malware virus or adware windows 10

    There is our Malwarebytes certificate that was added to the Untrusted Certificates list in order to prevent us from running any software signed by Malwarebytes. Now, how to make sure we can start their great software? Read on.

    This Publisher has been Blocked from Running Software on your Machine – Windows 10

    Automatically remove the Disallowed Certificates that block software such as Malwarebytes

    downloadDownload AVCertClean

    • Start AVCertClean.
    • AVCertClean will detect the certificates and removes them for you.


    • Reboot your computer once AVCertClean is done.
    • Try to run Malwarebytes or any software that was blocked again to see if it starts.

    Manually remove the Disallowed Certificates that block software such as Malwarebytes

    How to make sure we can run the Malwarebytes solution, and this instruction works for all publishers added to the Untrusted Certificates repository on Windows 8 or Windows 10.
    If you are a Windows 7 user go to the Start button, click Run and enter: certmgr.exe

    • Search for “Certificates

    search for certificates manage computer certificates

    • Click “Manage computer certificates” and open the Certificates MMC Snap-in.

    windows 10 computer certificates

    • Expand: Certificates – Local Computer > Untrusted Certificates > Certificates
    • Select the certificate from the Publisher blocked from running their software
    • Right-click the certificate and select Delete
    • Confirm the removal of the certificate
    • If you want to remove multiple certificates at once, click the first certificate in this list, hold SHIFT and click the last one. Select all. Delete them as stated in our previous step.

    After successful removal of the certificate from the Untrusted Certificates list, the software is able to run on your computer.
    Start the software once again to check.

    Malwarebytes Unable to Start “Unable to connect the Service” message or could not call proc error.

    malwarebytes unable to start unable to connect the service

    From what we have seen, the adware responsible for blocking Malwarebytes also corrupts Malwarebytes. We advise to reinstall Malwarebytes, it’s the easiest fix to get Malwarebytes up and running as fast as possible.

    Download Malwarebytes Cleanup Utility, follow instructions for this page.

    Reinstall Malwarebytes (download) after using the cleanup utility. Keep your license key on hand, you’ll need it after the reinstall. If you don’t have any it should start a trial or at least free modus.

    Malwarebytes Chameleon

    When Malwarebytes is blocked by its process name (mbam.exe and mbamservice.exe) you can use Malwarebytes Chameleon to start Malwarebytes by mimicking a known Microsoft Windows process name, for instance, iexplore.exe, winlogon.exe, svchost.exe, windows.exe, firefox.exe, and more.

    downloadDownload Malwarebytes Chameleon

    • Download Chameleon from the link above. Unzip the contents to a folder in a specific location of your choice.
    • Follow the instructions in the included CHM Help File or, if the help file will not open, simply try to run the files by double-clicking on them one by one until one of them remains open, then follow the onscreen instructions.
    • In the instruction we use winlogon.exe

    malwarebytes chameleon winlogon

    • Go to the folder you just unzipped, select winlogon.exe and right click on winlogon.exe select run as administrator.
    • User Account Control, select Yes
    • a new window will open
    • Press a key to continue.

    malwarebytes chameleon window

    • Malwarebytes is downloaded from the web, hang on.
    • After the automatic download, Malwarebytes has installed automatically.
    • Reboot your computer, the installation will ask you to reboot.

    malwarebytes chameleon install

    • After the reboot an older version of Malwarebytes installed and you should be able to scan your computer for malware.

    malwarebytes chameleon version 2.1

    • Enjoy!

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