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In this page, we’re going to take a look at Ultra Adware Killer by Carifred. Ultra Adware Killer is around for a while, Ultra Adware Killer is around since 2010. Ultra Adware Killer is available in a free and premium version. The premium version enables automatically scheduled scans and command-line switches. Ultra Adware Killer is an on-demand scanner, which means it has no real-time protection. 

Let’s take a look at

ultra adware killer review

At first Ultra Adware Killer looks like a simple tool to use. Ultra Adware Killer has a clear and big Scan button to start the scan and a few options to enable or disable. It’s a good thing to keep the software as clean as possible, not to overwhelm the inexperienced computer user with too many technical features.

Ultra Adware Killer GUI

Because Ultra Adware Killer has a clear and clean graphical user interface it’s easy to use for everyone. Before we start with the test results, we would like to clarify a few of Ultra Adware Killer’s features.

According to Ultra Adware Killer, UAK has the capabilities to remove browser toolbars, add-ons, plugins, unwanted search providers, hijacked homepages, potentially unwanted programs (PUP’s), rogues, trojans, rootkits, ransomware and all other forms of malware from the computer.

In the premium version of Ultra Adware Killer, the premium license offers command line switches. One of the command-line switches could be used to quietly run the software and remove malware automatically, for example: /ScanRemove /Quiet. This will start Ultra Adware Killer hidden, starts scanning for malware and remove any malware.

The premium version also offers the ability to schedule automatic scans, it’s just as easy as set and forget. In the free version, you need to manually start a scan with Ultra Adware Killer in order to scan for malware.

How to use Ultra Adware Killer

download Download Ultra Adware Killer

Follow installation, Ultra Adware Killer will update and you’ll be presented with the main window.
Click the Scan button in the top middle.

Ultra Adware Killer Main

Once the scan is running you might see programs added to the Programs tab list. These programs are identified as suspicious. Since Ultra Adware Killer is accurate, it is still advised to uncheck the items you do not wish to remove. If you don’t know, leave the list by default.

Ultra Adware Killer - Scan is running

Open the next tab, click on the tab: Autostart. The list is a summary of programs that start when Windows starts. I recommend leaving the list as is, however, if you find an autostart program suspicious you can check the checkbox yourself. The removal process will only remove the entries from the checkboxes that are enabled.


Open the next tab, click on the tab: MS Edge (Microsoft edge). If you have any problems with Microsoft edge you can reset a few settings. You do need to enable the checkbox to reset the settings. Reset Edge Main settings, reset the user’s settings. Reset Edge Start Pages, enable this to reset the Microsoft Edge home page. Reset Edge Search Providers, enable this check box to restore the default search providers.


Open the next tab, click on the tab: Internet Explorer. I recommend leaving these checkboxes as is. Again, if you notice anything you do not wish to remove, uncheck the checkboxes.


If you have Google Chrome installed open the next tab, click on the tab: Google Chrome. I recommend leaving the checkboxes as is. Ultra Adware Killer is able to remove hijacked shortcut’s from Chrome, deceptive browser extensions and hijacked homepages.


If you have Firefox installed, open the next tab, click on the tab: Firefox. As you can see in the image below, we suggest resetting Firefox. Resetting Firefox will restore Firefox to its default settings and removes anything suspicious.


Goto the Malware tab. The malware tab is a summary of the malware found on your PC. The summary shows the threat level per malware type and when the file was last modified. We suggest keeping the infected file objects as is. Do not uncheck any checkboxes here.


In order to start the actual removal process of all the found malware on the PC, we start by clicking the Clean button in the top middle. Confirm the dialog with Yes if you would like to proceed to remove the malware from your PC.


Since we have the “Create restore point” enabled by default, Ultra Adware Killer starts by creating a Windows Restore Point. In case something is removed which shouldn’t be removed, you can restore Microsoft Windows.


When Ultra Adware Killer requires a reboot to remove malicious software which is scheduled for a reboot, reboot Windows. After the reboot, launch Ultra Adware Killer once again to make sure any malware is removed from your computer.


Now Ultra Adware Killer has successfuly cleaned your computer from any malware. Ultra Adware Killer is an excellent free alternative to many anti-malware protection suites. Take a look at Malwarebytes, the best malware removal tool available today! Malwarebytes is free to remove adware, a virus, or malware in general.

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