How to Remove Universal PC Mechanic? – Uninstall, Removal Instructions

Universal PC Mechanic is a Potentially Unwanted Program. Which suggests, as the name already affirms a Potentially Unwanted Program in short a PUP. Universal PC Mechanic is software that notifies the user with many intrusive pop-up alerts the computer is damaged, contains a virus or needs a junkware cleanup etcetera. The Universal PC Mechanic application advertisements are very intrusive to the PC user.

Many of the problems the Universal PC Mechanic demands the PC user to fix are easy to solve with other free software you can download from the internet, such as CCleaner. The real problem with Universal PC Mechanic is that it’s similar to the deceptive distributing methods affiliates or distributors use to force unaware PC users to install the Universal PC Mechanic software. Universal PC Mechanic is offered by using false pop-up ads from, which are triggered by adware applications. Reimage Repair ads and Win Tonic ads use the same intrusive and deceptive method of forcing users to install their software.

Universal PC Mechanic deceptive pop-up advertisement

Universal PC Mechanic is right in one thing, yes the PC is damaged by adware and should be fixed. However, not using Universal PC Mechanic as adware publishers force the user to install Universal PC Mechanic with the adware they installed on the users PC.

Universal PC Mechanic removal

First adware is installed on the users PC with free downloads you can find anywhere on the internet. After the adware infection, the same adware tells users to clean their Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC with Universal PC Mechanic using deceptive and very intrusive pop-ups from

It’s the user’s choice to install and use Universal PC Mechanic. However, we do not recommend Universal PC Mechanic. The message “unwanted items found” included 4, so called, virus infections and 457MB of junkware.

The PC we infected with adware, had many more virus infections (as we installed them ourselves). Which indicates Universal PC Mechanic could… be useful for junkware removal, but not for virus removal. Once again, we do not recommend Universal PC Mechanic!

How to Remove Universal PC Mechanic?

[page_title]Uninstall Universal PC Mechanic and adware

In this first step, we show you how to detect and manually uninstall adware responsible for the Universal PC Mechanic advertisements and Universal PC Mechanic itself.
After you have uninstalled Universal PC Mechanic and suspicious applications, perform an anti-malware scan with our recommended removal tools to remove any traces from your PC to make sure Universal PC Mechanic and adware is entirely removed from the PC.

windows 10 uninstall adware

Windows 10 user
Right-click the Windows Start button. Click Apps and Features, scroll through the application list until you find the malicious application. Click Uninstall and follow uninstall instructions. Below you will find a list of known adware and potentially unwanted programs.

windows 10 uninstall malware

Windows 8 uninstall malware

Windows 8 user
Right-click the Windows start button, click Control Panel and click Programs and Features.

Remove Malware Adware Potentially Unwanted Programs from Windows 8 or Windows 10

Uninstall Adware, Malware, Virus, Potentially Unwanted Program - Windows 7

Windows 7 user
Click the Start button in the left bottom corner, select Control Panel, select "Programs and Features".

Uninstall software from Windows 7

Check the installed applications list for recently installed malware applications.
Below you will find a summary of recently known adware and potentially unwanted programs for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

SearchAwesome, MultiTimer version 1.0, ShutdownTime version 1.0, PC Speed UP Pro, System Healer, BlockAdsPro, FolderShare, ProxyGate, MiniCalc, Runbooster, Shadowsocks version 1.0, VidSquare, S5M, AnonymizerGadget, Toolbars (Mindspark, MyWay), Lightning, La Cie Public version 1.0,, Internet Speed Tester, WebDiscover Browser, NativeDesktopMediaService, System Table, Betterworld, SmartApp 1.00, PC Optimizer, PC Speedup 2018, PC Speedup 2017, Yeadesktop, Maxi Buy, One Sytem Care, YoutubeAdBlock, Yandex, Up Pro verified, Premieropinion, HDWallpaper, Chameleon Explorer Pro, WhiteClick, GeoSmartDNS, SuperSearch, {random-name} version 1.5

Select the software application from the list and click the Uninstall button.
Click the column "Installed On" to sort recently installed software applications by date, sorting the software applications by installation date makes it easier for you to detect recently installed applications.
If you don't know what to look or need help to remove the malicious software,

remove adware, virus, potentially unwanted programs from windows 8 windows 10

[page_title] malwarebytes anti malwareRemove Universal PC Mechanic and adware with Malwarebytes

Get rid of Malware with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is free to use, detect and remove malware from your PC. Detect the latest adware, potentially unwanted programs and other malware  with Malwarebytes. Protect your PC with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes works perfectly in addition to a virusscanner.

Run the Malwarebytes program installation file. Click here for Malwarebytes installation instructions.
Click Scan Now to start examining for malware.

malwarebytes main

Malwarebytes will start searching for malware, please wait for Malwarebytes to finish the malware scan.
Malwarebytes usually takes between 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes scanning adware virus malware

Once the malware scan is performed, Malwarebytes will present the results of the malware scan.
Remove the malware found by Malwarebytes using the Quarantine Selected button.

malwarebytes virus malware adware results

Wait for Malwarebytes to move all malware to quarantine.

malwarebytes quarantine malware virus adware

Malwarebytes needs to make a system reboot to finish the malware removal process.
Save and close any working documents or open web pages and click Yes to reboot your PC.

malwarebytes finished remove malware adware virus

After the system reboot, your PC is clean from malware. Stay protected with Malwarebytes against future threats. Malwarebytes stops adware, potentially unwanted programs, malicious web pages, suspicious downloads, viruses, spyware and ransomware from infecting your machine.

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