How to install Malwarebytes and How to use Malwarebytes, information

How to install and use MalwarebytesMalwarebytes is the best proactive anti-malware removal tool available today. Malwarebytes is a Californian company founded by Marcin Kleczynski and Bruce Harrison in 2006.

Malwarebytes is a well-known and reputable anti-malware scanner. Malwarebytes performs excellently in addition to a primary virus scanner installed on your PC.

However, Malwarebytes claims to act as the “next-generation antivirus replacement”.  Malwarebytes is designed to stop the following attacks, ransomware, malware, adware, compromised websites and exploiting vulnerabilities in essential applications.

In this article, I am going to explain you step by step how to install Malwarebytes and how to use Malwarebytes with all of its key features and settings. Malwarebytes is available for multiple platforms, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How to install Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes installation has become much easier since version 3.0. A One-click setup will install Malwarebytes onto your computer. The advanced install settings are still available before installation. Click the link below to proceed and download Malwarebytes directly to your computer.


Right-click the Malwarebytes direct download link and select “Save link as”.
Why? Adware is known to create new pop-ups when hovering or clicking a link. Some adware tries to prevent direct downloads by creating many intrusive pop-ups.


Open the file you just downloaded from the link above.

How to install malwarebytes - Allow this app to make changes to this device

You’ll be presented with user account control asking you to allow Malwarebytes to make changes to your computer. Accept the user account control dialog using the yes button.

malwarebytes install language

Select your desired language from the list and click the OK button. Malwarebytes is available in the following languages, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

malwarebytes installation personal

Select the Malwarebytes version to install, personal or a work computer.

malwarebytes installation agree

Click the Agree and Install button to install Malwarebytes. You’ll agree with their End User License Agreement and default install locations. Malwarebytes will automatically create a shortcut on the Windows desktop. If you would like to change the default install settings, click the advanced options button.

malwarebytes advanced setup options

Advanced Setup Options displays the latest Malwarebytes changelog. Here you can change the installation folder or uncheck the additional shortcut. Click the Agree and Install button when you are ready.

malwarebytes installing windows 10 windows 8 windows 7

Malwarebytes is installing on your computer, wait for the setup process to finish.

how to install malwarebytes

Click the Finish button to exit Malwarebytes setup. Find the Malwarebytes shortcut on your desktop and launch Malwarebytes for the first time.

how to install malwarebytes completed

Malwarebytes is available in a free and premium 14-day evaluation version of the program. After installation, the premium trial is automatically enabled on your PC. The premium license is available at no costs. The premium license will automatically revert to the free version after 14-days evaluation if you decide to upgrade Malwarebytes features remain as is.

Malwarebytes premium features

The premium version or 14 days trial license of Malwarebytes provides the following security to your computer.

  • Real-time Protection provides real-time protection against adware, malware, pups, viruses, and ransomware. Malwarebytes stops the infection before the virus even could execute on your computer.
  • Anti Exploit protection, protect your outdated software. Anti Exploit protection is a remarkable feature; Anti Exploit protects vulnerable software installed on your PC against the latest vulnerabilities. Malwarebytes detects an exploit attempt and stops it for you. Anti Exploit is very useful when you accidentally visit a hacked or compromised website that tries to exploit your browser for example.
  • Anti Ransomware, a must have. Ransomware is hot; Ransomware is everywhere at this moment. Malwarebytes protects your PC against ransomware before Ransomware can infect your files and encrypts them for ransom. Malwarebytes support is also well known with Ransomware and can support you in case of a ransomware infection.
  • Malicious website protection, protect your browser from suspicious or malware infected websites. Malwarebytes is updated continuously to provide the latest list of dangerous domains and IP addresses to protect your browser and computer from a virus infection.

Malwarebytes free features

  • Anti Malware and Anti Spyware engine, detect and remove any malware, viruses from your computer.
  • Anti Rootkit, advanced malware such as rootkits are detected removed and restored by Malwarebytes.

How to use Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes has a visible and prominent Start Scan button to start the actual scan and malware removal automatically. It is clear this button will launch a malware scan on your computer. In this article, I will discuss the Malwarebytes options and settings. There are many options and settings to configure in Malwarebytes to perform at it’s best on your PC. The options and settings ill discus are recommendations and may not apply to your needs set Malwarebytes to your specific needs using this information.

malwarebytes scan method threat scan custom scan hyper scan

Malwarebytes scan methods

Before you start a scan, Malwarebytes offers the user three types of scan methods. The Malwarebytes default Threat scan, the custom scan, and the Hyper scan. The Threat scan is the most comprehensive scan type Malwarebytes offers. The threat scan scans the most common places for malware to hide, such as memory, the windows registry, filesystem objects etcetera. Both Threat scan and Custom scan are available in the free version; a premium license enables the Hyper scan module.

malwarebytes scan schedule settings

Malwarebytes scan schedule

The Scan Schedule tab offers the ability to add an extra schedule to Malwarebytes. The scheduled scan include the scan type, the frequency, recurrence, starting, and end date. Customize your scheduled scans in the Scan Schedule tab.

malwarebytes quarantine settings

Malwarebytes Quarantine

At the Quarantine tab, you see a summary of all items Malwarebytes has found and moved to a safe quarantine for review. The summary is a list of malware. However, if Malwarebytes detected and moved a file to quarantine that you want to restore, you can restore the file or folder from here. Check the items you want to restore and click Restore. The data is now restored to its original file location.

malwarebytes view reports

Malwarebytes reports

The reports tab gives the user insight into previous events Malwarebytes has triggered, these triggers could be blocked malware, removed malware, blocked events, blocked websites, and scans. History is kept in this reports tab.

malwarebytes how to settings

Malwarebytes application settings

In the Settings tab, there are many options to discuss; I will explain them all. However, most settings already speak for themselves. This natural user interface is what Malwarebytes makes easy to use for the inexperienced PC user, yes there are advanced features, but you do not have to know or use them to protect and scan your PC from malware.

On the settings tab, there is an option to enable or disable the download and install application component updates. You can choose to get notified when there is full version update available. When you click the Install Application Updates button, you will start a search new application updates manually.

Malwarebytes shows notifications by default in the Windows System Tray; you can disable this using the on-off switches. Notifications close by themselves after 5 seconds, if you would like to increase or decrease the amount of time the announcement stays visible you change the seconds on the Settings tab.

Real-time protection is a premium or trial license feature; if the real-time protection module is disabled Malwarebytes shows a notification, you can choose to enable or disable this information. Real-time protection has an impact on computers overall performance. However, this is barely noticeable as Malwarebytes is fully optimized for Windows. The Impact of scans on System feature allows the user to give priority to manual scans or to low the priority. This setting will only affect custom scans executed by the user.

how to use malwarebytes application settings

Malwarebytes is able to scan an individual file or folder, in order to start a fast scan against a file or file, select the file or folder with a right click and select Scan with Malwarebytes from the menu. If you would like to disable the Scan with Malwarebytes link from the Windows Context menu then you should switch off the on-off switch from the Application tab.

Malwarebytes has excellent support, and with a premium license, you may contact them in case of any problem regarding Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes support might need extra data to identify and solve the problem; this is where the Event Log Data feature becomes useful. After installation, event log data is disabled. You can enable the feature on the Applications tab when Malwarebytes support needs it.

Some users connect through the internet using a proxy server. Malwarebytes allows a user to configure a proxy server setting to make sure Malwarebytes can contact their servers for updates. The Proxy Server setting is disabled by default and should only be enabled if you know what to configure.

malwarebytes application settings

Malwarebytes offers the ability to configure user access. When this premium feature is enabled, an administrator can restrict specific Malwarebytes settings with a password. User Access will prevent unauthorized users from accessing features and or parameters within Malwarebytes.

If you are an administrator and premium license owner, you can receive Beta Application Updates from Malwarebytes. Enabling this feature allows Malwarebytes to receive beta features, full beta versions, and beta component updates. We do not recommend this feature in any Windows production setup.

Since statistics are very useful in the prevention and detection of recent malware, the Usage and Threat Statistics feature is enabled by default. Malwarebytes sends anonymous information from your PC to their servers for further analyze. Click the privacy policy button in the Applications tab for more details about what and how Malwarebytes collects this information and statistics.

how to use malwarebytes

Malwarebytes protection settings

At the Protection tab, there is a list of features related to how Malwarebytes should protect your system. You can enable or disable specific modules and manage safeguarded applications from the Protection tab.

All the Real-time Protection features are only available for premium licenses. Web Protection is a feature that scans every request from your PC to the internet for a connection with a malicious IP address or web server. If a malicious attempt is made the connection is refused and Malwarebytes will alert the user of the blocked connection.

Programs that connect to the internet are prone to attacks, especially when these programs are not kept up to date. If the software is not kept up to date, the software application becomes vulnerable to exploits. Malwarebytes offers an exclusive feature for premium licenses that protect these vulnerable applications against exploits. The Manage Protected Applications button reveals a list of software applications installed on the PC and how the application is protected.

Malware Protection module is enabled by default and should stay so until you decide to disable it. There is no need to disable Malware Protection. Leaving the feature enabled also applies to the other premium Malwarebytes feature, Ransomware Protection. Early 2016 the Ransomware protection module was a separate program Malwarebytes named Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. This feature is now by included into Malwarebytes and enabled by default.

A more advanced option is the Scan for rootkits option, it is disabled by default as it might extend the amount of time to perform a malware scan successfully. The term rootkit refers to a malware type software application that is built to hook into the operating system’s functions and hide its or any other malware’s presence from the operating system.

Malwarebytes can detect malware everywhere, even in archives (zip files, RAR files, 7zip files, iso files). Enable or disable the scan within an archive using the on-off switch on the Protection tab.

How to install Malwarebytes and How to use Malwarebytes, information 1

What I like about Malwarebytes is the proactive detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs. Malwarebytes is very active in a battle against PC and System Optimizer software that claim to clean your PC and ask for money to perform straightforward cleaning tasks. Opinion alert: There is nothing wrong with software that requires a license to enable some premium features, however, the Potentially Unwanted Programs Malwarebytes scans for are the ones that perform tasks that can be done with free software, but ask for a costly subscription instead.

To disable the by default enabled PUP protection, use the list box on the Protection tab to disable PUP Protection. Malware is known to enter the PC bundled with other software you have downloaded from the internet, to prevent legitimate software from executing malware Malwarebytes offers PUM, protection against Potentially Unwanted Modifications. PUM is a set of advanced monitors that monitor any modification of the system for suspicious behavior.

Keep Malwarebytes updated, Malwarebytes will automatically check for updates every 1 hour. In case you would like to change the interval of 1 hour you can change the range from the Protection tab. Malwarebytes will notify the user by default if Malwarebytes has not received any updates in the last 24 hours.

To keep Malwarebytes updated you need to keep Malwarebytes running, even after a reboot. On the Protection tab, make sure Start Malwarebytes at Windows startup is enabled. To not run Malwarebytes after a reboot, disable the Startup Options switch.

malwarebytes protection settings

If for any reason you would like to delay the real-time protection module from starting you can choose to enable this feature. Self-protection is another premium feature of Malwarebytes which protects the malware from blocking Malwarebytes or corrupting/uninstalling it. More advanced users can check the Enable self-protection module early start. This setting gives Malwarebytes higher priority at the restart and forces the protection modules to load more quickly.

Malwarebytes moves detected malware straight to quarantine. When the setting is disabled, a notification is shown for every detection asking what to do with the malware.

malwarebytes create scan schedule

Malwarebytes scan schedule

On the Scan Schedule tab, you find a default Normal scan schedule. Edit the Normal scan by clicking the checkbox and the edit button. Malwarebytes premium users can also add scheduled custom scan(s) to Malwarebytes.

malwarebytes scheduled tasks - how to use malwarebytes

To add a custom scheduled scan Malwarebytes offers the add button, from there you can add a scheduled task, defined by Operation Type, a threat scan, custom scan or hyper scan. Set the frequency and recurrence and if you would like to check for Malwarebytes updates before the scheduled scan. Malwarebytes scheduled scans are highly customizable.

malwarebytes add exclusions - how to use malwarebytes

Malwarebytes exclusions

It is recommended to configure Malwarebytes for your specific environment. By doing so, you might need to exclude a file, folder, website, a complete application or maybe a previously detected exploit from detection? We do not know, but everything that a user wants to exclude from malware detection and protection can be suspended using the Add Exclusion setting on the Exclusions tab.

malwarebytes my account settings

Malwarebytes my account

My Account, this is where Malwarebytes shows the user’s license information. Useful if you would like to see your Malwarebytes expiration date, that license status and the edition the user is running on its PC. The My Account tab contains all information to upgrade or downgrade Malwarebytes.

about malwarebytes

About Malwarebytes

On the About tab you will find more information about Malwarebytes, their support forums, information/tutorials, and a link to the end user license agreement. Is there anything you would like to know more about related to Malwarebytes? Please use the comments below and leave your message.

Thank me! Help other people. Share this information on social media, a forum or website, and contribute to a safer internet for everyone.

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