Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide ads are caused by an adware program that is creating new redirects in the browser to earn revenue for every new member that signs up for the campaign. The webpage is legitimate. However, cybercriminals abuse it for revenue. The easygirls ads are intrusive and shown many times when the PC is infected with an ad-supported program which makes it very disturbing for the PC user.

The pop-up might appear out of the blue or shown when the user visits a specific website or triggers a particular keyword within the content of the webpage. pop-up redirect(s) occur when an adware e.g. ad-supported application is installed on the PC. Adware is deceptive software designed to display intrusive advertisements on the affected computer. Some website’s that provide services such as free games, free downloads, toolbars etcetera are likely to bundle their free software with adware for revenue. pop-up ad ad removal

Additional information:
DangerMild infection and distribution profile
Removal Tool: Malwarebytes
Distribution: Adware, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), Download managers
Also known as: browser redirect, popup, ads
Browser: internet explorer, edge, chrome and firefox
Type: pop-up redirect

Stop browser redirects to by removing the adware responsible for the redirects in your browser. Adware uses a deceptive technique to install on the PC, this technique is called bundling. Download managers that use “bundling” are known as “Pay-Per-Install” (PPI) or “monetization” installation bundles. Pay, Per Install download managers are an adware deployment tool for adware publishers to get paid for every new adware installation.

The installation user interface of the Download manager does not directly disclosure the adware present; it’s hidden by a human psychology trick called Dark Patterns. A Dark Pattern is a technique used to create a graphical user interface with a remarkable big next or install button, and a very small decline button. It’s deceptive, these download managers don’t want you to notice the additional adware that is secretly installed with the initial software you would like to download. This is the most common way for adware to infect the computer and start browser redirects to the ad.

Remove pop-up redirect

Use this menu to clean your device from the browser redirect(s).

To remove ads, complete the steps below

  1. manual removal instructions
  2. removal tools (recommended)
  3. Optional: remove from Mac OS

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal GuideUninstall adware to get rid of the redirect ads.

In this first step, we show you how to detect and manually uninstall adware responsible for the pop-up redirect.
After you have uninstalled any adware application(s), perform an anti-malware scan with our recommended removal tools to remove any traces from your PC to make sure the ads are entirely deleted from the PC.

Uninstall Adware, Malware, Virus, Potentially Unwanted Program - Windows 7

Uninstall software from Windows 7

Windows 7 users: Click the Start button in the left bottom corner, select Control Panel, select “Programs and Features”.

Windows 8 or Windows 10 uninstall Adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs

Remove Malware Adware Potentially Unwanted Programs from Windows 8 or Windows 10

Windows 8 and Windows 10 users: Right-click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner, select Control Panel, select “Programs and Features”.

remove adware, virus, potentially unwanted programs from windows 8 windows 10

Check the installed applications list for recently installed applications, select the application and click the uninstall button.
Select the column “Installed On” to sort installed applications by date, sorting the applications by date makes it easier for you to detect recently installed applications.
If you don’t know what to look for, Goto Removal Tool

manual removal guide for adware virus popup redirect internet explorer google chrome windows 10 windows 7 windows 8 windows xp computer mac macos apple safariRemove redirect from Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox

In this second step, we show you how to manually remove browser redirects from the browser and how to reset the browser to default settings.

If after this step, there are still ads appearing from in your browser, perform a malware scan with our recommended malware removal tools.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide from Internet Explorer

Remove malicious adware from Internet Explorer

Remove adware, virus from internet explorer

select the wrench button,and from the menu select “Manage add-ons”.

Internet Explorer Extension Removal

Check the add-ons list for any suspicious Browser Helper Objects, select the suspicious entry and click Remove or Disable. If the button is grayed out, scan your computer with malware removal tools to remove the malicious add-on.

Reset your default Homepage and Search engine for Internet Explorer

The fastest and easiest way to reset your default homepage and the search engine is by resetting IE to default settings.

Reset Internet Explorer

select the wrench button and from the menu select “Internet Options”.

Reset Internet Explorer

Select “Advanced” from the tab menu, Click the Reset button.

Internet Explorer delete personal settings adware virus

Check “Delete personal settings” and click the Reset button.
Restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.

Good, Internet Explorer is reset to default settings, it is important to know there are remnants of malware on your computer. We recommend to scan and remove the malware files from your computer. Make sure the malware does not reinstall, and all remnants are removed from your PC.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide Google Chrome removal

Remove adware, virus, browser hijacker and pop-up ad redirects from Google Chrome

Remove virus from Chrome

select the menu button and from the menu select “More Tools” and then “Extensions”.

adware browser extension chrome

Search for any unknown browser extension(s) from the list and remove them by using the trashcan icon.
Remove any browser extension that you do not know is very important.

  • Continue to the next step, reset Chrome policies

Remove “installed by enterprise policy” setting or browser extension from Chrome

When a settings or browser is disabled because the setting is “installed by enterprise” you can use the instructions below to enable the setting and remove it.

  • Open the Command Prompt by clicking the start menu button and typing “command prompt”.
    Right-click the “Command Prompt” result and select “Run as Administrator”.

Enter the following command’s one byline and press enter after each line to execute the command.

  • rd /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicyUsers”
  • rd /S /Q “%WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy”
  • GPupdate /force

reset chrome policies

  • Continue to the next step, reset Chrome Synced profile

Reset your Chrome sync

Google Chrome sync your browser user-profile with their services. If the Google Chrome browser is infected with adware, this adware (usually browser extensions and the homepage and search engine settings) are synced with Google’s servers.
It is important to clean this synced cache. If you don’t clear the synced cache the adware, browser extensions and settings keep coming back on any devices the profile is synchronized with.

  1. Open your Google Dashboard (opens in a new browser window). Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account (you are redirected to Google).
  2. Click Reset sync to clear all of your synced data on Google’s server.
  3. Click OK.

google chrome reset sync

  • Continue to the next step, reset Google Chrome.

Reset your default Homepage and Search engine for Google Chrome

The fastest and easiest way to reset your default homepage and the search engine is by resetting the Chrome browser to default settings.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide google chrome

select the menu button and from the menu select “Settings”.

chrome virus

Scroll down to “Advanced” and again Scroll down to Reset settings.

removal tool for chrome

Click the “Reset” button to Reset Google Chrome, a new dialog appears.

delete virus adware chrome

Confirm the Reset of Google Chrome by clicking the “Reset” button.
Restart Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.

  • Continue to the next step Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool

The Chrome Clean-up tool is able to detect and remove unwanted settings or browser extension(s) from the Chrome browser. Chrome Cleanup tool performs a scan for anything suspicious and removes it automatically from the browser.

download google chrome cleanup toolDownload Chrome Cleanup Utility

Start Chrome Cleanup Tool with right click and select Run as Administrator

Chrome Cleanup Tool run as administrator

Select Yes to Accept User Account Control

Chrome Cleanup tool - UAC

wait, searching for malicious programs

Chrome Cleanup Tool - Searching for Programs

If malicious programs are found the Chrome Cleanup Tool will remove them for you.
Click Continue

chrome cleanup tool - programs found

After the scan, the Chrome Cleanup Tool will Reset the browser to its default settings.
Click Reset to complete.

Chrome cleanup Tool - Reset Google Chrome

Google Chrome is reset to default settings, it is important to know there are remnants of malware on your computer. We recommend to scan and remove malware files from your computer to make sure the malware does not reinstall, and the malware is entirely removed from your PC.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide firefox

Remove malicious adware from Firefox (Quantum)

delete virus removal firefox

select the menu button and from the menu/list select “Add-ons”.

adware virus browser extension firefox

Select Extensions from the left menu. Search any unknown Browser Extension(s) and remove it by clicking the Remove button.

Reset your default Homepage and Search engine for Firefox

The fastest and easiest way to reset your default homepage and the search engine is by resetting Firefox to default settings.

restore firefox homepage

select the menu button and from the menu, select “Help ?” (the question mark icon, at the end of the menu).

how to reset firefox

select Troubleshooting information from the menu.

virus firefox ads

select the Refresh Firefox button, and confirm the Refresh Firefox dialog once again to Reset Firefox to default settings.
Click Finish, Firefox will restart.

The Firefox browser is reset to default settings, it is important to know there are remnants of malware on your computer. We recommend to scan and remove malware files from your computer to make sure the malware does not reinstall and the malware is entirely removed from the browser and PC.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide malwarebytes anti malware1. Remove redirect with Malwarebytes

download malwarebytes trial

Malwarebytes is the most powerful anti-malware solution to detect and proactively remove adware, browser hijackers, viruses and potentially unwanted programs from your PC. Malwarebytes runs excellent alongside antivirus software without any conflicts. Malwarebytes is by far the best malware detection and malware removal tool available today. Remember to buy Malwarebytes to stay protected, the free version does not offer real-time protection and can only be used as an on-demand malware scanner and virus removal tool.

Downloaf Malwarebytes

Download Malwarebytes (direct download)

right click the Malwarebytes direct download link and select “save link as”.
Buy Malwarebytes

Buy Malwarebytes (more info)


  • Malwarebytes is scanning the computer for any viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, and potentially unwanted programs.
    Please wait for Malwarebytes to finish the anti-malware scan, the anti-malware scan usually takes around 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes is scanning for virus adware malware

  • When the anti-malware scan is finished, Malwarebytes will show the results of the anti-malware scan.
    To remove the detected malware from your computer, select the Quarantine Selected button.

Malwarebytes Quarantine

  • All found malware will be moved to quarantine. Malwarebytes requires a reboot to complete the removal process.
  • Restart your computer.

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide with malwarebytes

  • After the reboot, all the malware detected by Malwarebytes is moved to quarantine. The removal process is finished.
  • Continue to the next step

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide antivirus2. Get rid of ads with Kaspersky Antivirus

Scan your computer with Kaspersky Antivirus Free. Kaspersky is recognized as experts in the fight against malware and cybercrime. Malware leaves traces, Kaspersky Antivirus Free will clean your infected computer from adware, viruses, trojans, and spyware with their awarded comprehensive free antivirus scanner.

Downloaf Kaspersky Antivirus free

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free (new window)

Open the file you just downloaded from the link. Install Kaspersky Antivirus Free, follow the on screen instructions. After succesfull installation, perform a database update before you run a antivirus scan.

Click the Run update button, this will update Kasperksy Antivirus virus definitions with the latest database.

kaspersky antivirus free update

Go back to Kaspersky main window. Click the top left arrow back button. Click the scan button on the main window.

Click the Quick scan button and start the scan using the Run scan button.

kaspersky antivirus free quick scan

Remove all the found malware by Kaspersky Antivirus free using the Delete all files button.
Confirm once again with Delete to remove the found malware from your PC.

kaspersky antivirus free remove virus removal


Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide zemana anti malware3. Delete browser redirects with Zemana

Zemana Anti-Malware is an anti-malware scanner which uses the cloud, thereby the fastest and most proactively scanner available. Zemana is its best in addition to a primary virus scanner.


Download Zemana Cloud Scanner


Buy Zemana Now with 30% discount

  • Open the Zemana Anti-Malware installer
  • Install Zemana Anti-Malware using the default settings
  • Zemana Anti-Malware will update itself


  • Select the Scan button to perform a malware scan
  • Wait for the scan to finish, it takes a few minutes.

zemana antivirus

  • Select the Next button to remove the malware found on your computer

zemana anti malware

  • That’s it. All malware is successfully removed from your computer.

zemana virus removal tool

  • Continue to the next step

Get rid of pop-up ads – Virus Removal Guide adwcleaner windows4. Uninstall adware browser redirects with AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes adwcleaner searches for adware, browser hijackers, malware files and removes them for free.
The Malwarebytes adwcleaner removal tool will individually scan for malicious windows services, malware folders, malware files, shortcuts hijacked by adware, malware registry keys, windows scheduled tasks and deceptive browser extensions. Best of all, adwcleaner is completely free.


Download Adwcleaner (new window)

  • Right Click the executable AdwCleaner.exe and select “Run as Administratorthis is important.
  • Accept their terms by clicking the “I Agree” button
  • Select the Scan “Look for Adware/PUPs” button to start scanning your computer and browser for malicious files.


  • to remove the malicious items found by Malwarebytes AdwCleaner using the detection Scan, select the Clean Remove the selected elements” button.

adwcleaner virus

  • Make sure to close all open programs and browser(s) to continue removing the detected items from your computer.
  • Click OK to continue.

adwcleaner malwarebytes

  • Your computer is rebooted after the removal process, click Reboot Now.

adwcleaner malware removal tool

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