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How to Remove PayPal POP-UP ads (Fake PayPal redirect)

By | February 18, 2019

PayPal pop-up or a PayPal redirect in your web browser? As most people know, PayPal is a legitimate online payment provider. PayPal shall never display intrusive advertisement in your web browser to convince the user into thinking the user is selected for a $1000 PayPal Gift card, it is a social engineering scam.

Cybercriminals are constant on the move to trick users into revealing personal information. If you see pop-ups from suspicious online domains pretending to from PayPal you are most likely a victim of online fraud.

Many adware applications and potentially unwanted programs redirect unaware computer user to PayPal pop-up scam sites.

[wps_alert type=”note”]Summary: This fake PayPal pop-up is a trick to mislead user’s into revealing personal information.

fake paypal popup

PayPal redirect

Malware information:
PayPal: Download Removal Tool
Domain security reports: Google Safe BrowsingNorton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Alexa Site info

Adware applications trigger new browser windows or new tabs and redirect those browser windows through many redirects, including the PayPal redirect. Do not download free software from the internet without an overview of the entire installation process.

Doing so might prevent adware applications and potentially other unwanted software from infecting your computer.

How to remove PayPal pop-up?

Use the steps in the removal menu to remove fake PayPal pop-up manually, or skip manual removal steps and use the PayPal redirect removal tool.

  1. Uninstall recently installed adware
  2. Remove fake PayPal ads and protect your PC

PayPal removal tool.Free for 14-days to detected and remove PayPal pop-up Malwarebytes: Remove fake PayPal ads.

Hi Mac user! did you know you can remove PayPal from your Mac with CleanMyMac?. Get rid of Mac malware.
The instructions below apply to Microsoft Windows devices only. Mac OS users should use CleanMyMac or Malwarebytes for Mac to remove malware. Read more in this Mac adware removal instruction
Remove PayPal from your Android device with Malwarebytes for Android.


Uninstall adware from your computer

In this first removal step, we will attempt to identify and remove adware applications that are installed without your knowledge on your computer.

Remove PayPal

Uninstall software from Windows 7

Windows 7 users: Click the Start button in the left bottom corner, select Control Panel, select “Programs, and Features”.

Windows 8 or Windows 10 uninstall adware

windowx 8 windows 10 adware removal

Windows 8 user: right-click the Windows logo in the lower left corner, select Control Panel, select “Programs, and Features”.

appwiz windows 10

Windows 10 user: right-click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner, open Run, and type appwiz.cpl

adware applications december 2018

Find recently installed adware applications and click “Uninstall“.
In the image, you see recently known adware applications associated with the PayPal pop-up.

Information: Click the column “Installed On” to sort installed software by date, doing so makes it easier to detect recently installed adware applications and uninstall them.
Continue to step 3.


Remove fake PayPal pop-up ads with Malwarebytes

Remove adware and other malware responsible for the fake PayPal pop-up with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is always free to use, detect and remove the PayPal redirect in the Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge web browser. Malwarebytes will remove adware, malware or viruses and is compatible with any pre-installed antivirus software.

Download Malwarebytes OR More information about Malwarebytes

No worries, Malwarebytes is free to detect and remove adware for 14 days.

Run the Malwarebytes installation and proceed as described in the installation process. Click here for Malwarebytes installation instructions.

Click Get started to start your 14-days of free premium features.

After 14 days of your free Malwarebytes Premium trial, Malwarebytes reverts to the Malwarebytes Free version. Malwarebytes free is still able to scan, detect, and remove any malware from your device. In the free version, you need to start a scan manually. Real-Time protection against online threats is not available in the free version of Malwarebytes.

malwarebytes free trial

Click Scan Now to start scanning your PC for adware, malware, trojan horses, spyware etc.

Malwarebytes will now start scanning your PC for malware, hang on, the malware scan usually takes about 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes scanning malware, virus, adware

When the scan is finished you’ll be presented with the malware scan results. Review the malware scan results and click the Quarantine Selected button to continue.

malwarebytes scan results

Hang on. Malwarebytes is moving the detected malware to quarantine.

malwarebytes virus removal

In order to complete the Malwarebytes removal scan, you should reboot your computer.

malwarebytes reboot

Enjoy a clean computer, no more fake PayPal pop-ups or redirects in your web browser.

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