Remove “Super Deep Clean” ads from Android – Removal Instruction

Advertisers, suspicious advertisers, are presenting Super Deep Clean ads to users on Android devices to offer them potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) or Adware. Many android devices get infected with adware through suspicious advertisements trying to lock the Android web browser and forcing Android users to install adware.

The adware on Android is used to collect personal information from the device or show many intrusive advertisements for revenue. Lot’s of the web browser redirects that happen on Windows devices are also working for Android devices, they are very similar. The only difference is the Android device detection. Once a web page is redirecting the user to a malicious advertisement, the web page detects which device is used at that moment. If the device is an Android device the web browser is redirected to an advertisement┬ásuitable for Android devices. In cases of adware, these ads are most likely locking your Android device, phone or tablet doesn’t matter to call a telephone number for help unlocking your device, this is known as a tech support scam. Adware on Android devices might also try to sell you fake protection software such as this Super Deep Clean application. Super Deep Clean is a fake Android optimizer tool presented by adware. Don’t install Super Deep Clean.

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Remove Super Deep Clean ad from Android

Malwarebytes for android

Get rid of the Super Deep Clean pop-up on an Android tablet or Android phone with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is the best antivirus and malware removal tool available for Android devices today. Malwarebytes is free to detect and remove malware from your android device.

Malwarebytes checks for ransomware, malware, junk files, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and adware. If anything malicious is found on your Android devices Malwarebytes gets rid of the malware. Not only does Malware protect against malware, Malwarebytes also identifies applications that track your location and those suspicious applications that monitor your incoming or outgoing calls. All web browsers installed on Android are protected by Malware against suspicious redirects that display pop-ups or try to lock your web browser.

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Remove Unwanted or unknown applications from Android

Only uninstall applications if you know what you are doing! You might remove the wrong application or lose data.

  • Press the power button until the Power Options appear.
  • Hold the Power OFF button till the Android device asks you to reboot to Safe Mode.
  • In Android Safe mode, go to Settings – Apps and Application Manager

Scroll through the list of recently installed applications, and uninstall the application you do not know or do not need anymore. Look carefully, malicious applications are likely to mimic a legitimate application, also verify the installation date.
Complete the steps below to exit Safe Mode and reboot your Android device back to normal mode.

  • Press the power button until the power options appear and tap restart, reboot.
  • Your Android device is now back in normal mode and not in safe mode.

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