Remove from MacOS X – Review & Removal Guide is a dubious search engine. It is built to drive traffic to their search engine for revenue through clicks and paid advertisements. It is recommended to always read the Terms and Agreements and EULA’s before installing software on your computer. Hijack is most likely bundled with free software you download off the internet from various (often dubious) sources.

Do never click too fast through an installation process using the “Next” or “OK” button. If you do so, you might agree to software you might not want to install. If the installer “Download Client” offers an Advanced or Custom option button, click it to find out if there is any other malicious software offered and installed during the installation process.

Remove from Mac OS



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Step 1 – Combo Cleaner to Clean your Mac – Viruses, Junk, Unwanted Software

malwarebytesStep 2 – Scan your Mac for Adware and PUPs with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Step 3 – Remove malicious extensions from Safari, Google Chrome or Firefoxcomputer_icon_32

Use Combo Cleaner to Clean your Mac from Viruses, Junk and Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Combo Cleaner is the utility toolkit to optimize and protect your precious Mac against malware, viruses, adware and potentially unwanted programs. Combo Cleaner is a professional Mac antivirus with hourly malware, viruses, and adware definition updates.

Combo Cleaner provides the following features, a Disk Cleaner, remove big files and find duplicate files using its comprehensive scanner to save gigabytes of valuable disk space. Combo Cleaner also has a Privacy shield that eliminates various information stored when browsing the Internet. It’s the all in one security solution for your Mac.

Download Combo Cleaner (direct download)

  • Install Combo Cleaner.
  • Open your Applications folder.

  • Open Combo Cleaner by double-clicking its Application.
  • The first thing to do is to confirm your Home Directory and your Applications Directory.

  • Select your Home directory (most of the time this is default) and click Allow access

  • Select your Applications directory (most of the time this is default) and click Allow access

  • Now Combo Cleaner is ready to clean your Mac, select the Start Combo Scan button.
  • Hang on, your Mac is scanned, optimized and the latest virus definitions are downloaded to protect your Mac against the latest threats.

  • If threats are found and you want to optimize your Mac, you must upgrade Premium to do so. Combo Cleaner has a free feature Disk Cleaner. Using this feature will clear all Application cache, the Trashcan, and Application logs.

  • We highly recommend reviewing Combo Cleaner, try it and buy its Premium features.

Malwarebytes for Mac - How to Use

Malwarebytes for Mac Malwarebytes for Mac is a free tool that scans for and removes threats that attack your system or your data, introduce unwanted behaviors, and degrade performance. Making your Mac, once again, your Mac.

Before installing Malwarebytes for Mac you need the following specifications, MacOS 10.10 or higher and a working internet connection for product and malware definition updates.
Hardware specifications; Core 2 Duo CPU or faster with 2 GB RAM, 40 MB free hard disk space and an 800x650 minimum screen resolution.

Download Now

Open the installation setup you just downloaded from the link above.
Double click "Malwarebytes-Mac-3.-.pkg".

malwarebytes mac installation

Click Continue on the message "This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed".

malwarebytes installation step 2

Click Continue on the Welcome screen of Malwarebytes for Mac.

malwarebytes mac agree terms

Agree to the software license agreement from Malwarebytes for Mac to continue.

malwarebytes for mac installation harddisk space

Click Install to start the Malwarebytes for Mac installation process.

malwarebytes for mac installation user credentials

Provide root (administrator) user credentials to allow Malwarebytes install new software on the Mac.

malwarebytes for mac system extension blocked

Open security preferences to load new system extensions. Malwarebytes needs these extensions to secure the Mac.

malwarebytes for mac security preferences allow

Click Allow to continue Malwarebytes for Mac installation.

malwarebytes installation process

Finish the Malwarebytes installation process to start Malwarebytes for Mac.

malwarebytes for mac adware virus potentially unwanted programs malware

Select Scan Now to start scanning your Mac for adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other dangerous malware.

Malwarebytes for Mac Features

  • Cleans infected Mac from Adware, Potentially Unwanted Programs and malware such as Ransomware, Spyware, Viruses.
  • Prevents Mac virus, spyware, and malware infections from drive-by infections or Pay Per Install download managers.
  • Proactively blocks adware and unwanted programs from infecting you Mac and Browser. No more toolbars, pop-up redirects and browser hijackers. Update to the latest Malwarebytes protection automatically. The latest updates are protecting your MacOS computer daily from the newest infections.
  • free and fully to use 30 days trial in the premium license. Malware removal is always free with Malwarebytes for Mac.

osx safariReset homepage – Safari MacOS

You can set any web page as your homepage, and have it shown when you open a new window or a new tab.

  • Change homepage settings:
    Choose Safari > Preferences, then click General.
    • Set your homepage: Enter a web page address in the Homepage field, or click Set to Current Page to use the web page you are currently viewing.

    • Open new windows on your homepage: Click the “New windows open with” pop-up menu, then choose Homepage.

    • Open new tabs on your homepage: Click the “New tabs open with” pop-up menu, then choose Homepage.

  • Quickly open your homepage:
    Choose History > Home.

reset google chrome mac osxReset homepage – Google Chrome for MacOS

You can reset your browser settings in Chrome any time. You might need to do this if apps or extensions you installed changed your settings without your knowledge. Your saved bookmarks and passwords won’t be cleared or changed.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the top right, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.
  5. Under the section “Reset settings,” click Reset settings.
  6. In the box that appears, click Reset.

reset firefox mac osxReset homepage – Mozilla Firefox for MacOS

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. On the address field, type in about:support and hit Enter.
  3. Click Reset Firefox button.
  4. A window will appear showing the details of this action.
  5. Click Reset Firefox button.
  6. Click Done.

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