Remove “We couldn’t activate Windows” pop-up Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge

If you are redirected to a suspicious domain, showing an error code 0xc004f014 and a notice to call Microsoft Support you are redirected to a fake pop-up. The “we couldn’t active windowspop-up in the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge web browser is set up and design by cybercriminals to scam users into calling fake Microsoft support.

We couldn’t active windows pop-up is nothing more than a trick to scare users into thinking their windows version is in need of activation and therefore Microsoft Support should be called. In reality, if you would call the telephone number, you would call a very expensive and useless support scammer which tries to trick you into buying a support contract you do not need.

As the pop-up ad with the message “We couldn’t activate Windows” is random, it’s difficult to say which domain might occur on your computer, as mentioned above this We couldn’t activate Windows pop-up is random, the Microsoft support scammers use different domains.

The domains the scammers use often don’t exist very long, these typical scam domains are usually taken offline within 24 hours or less. However, the telephone number remains and a new domain is registered to deceive users, similar to windows cleaner update required pop-up, your computer is at high risk popup, Microsoft warning alert popup, Call for Support popup, and this computer is blocked popup.

Content of the pop-up.

We couldn’t activate Windows

Try activating Windows again or contact Microsoft support and reference the error code. You cam go to Settings for more information.
Call Microsoft Toll Free Number for Help:

Error Code: 0xc004f014

Do not call the telephone number shown in the “We couldn’t activate Windows” pop-up, it’s expensive, won’t help you and might be used for identify theft (searching for passwords, or installing Remote Administration Tooling).
Read further about how to close the “We couldn’t activate Windows” pop-up and how to remove the associated adware from your device that is causing the pop-up.

Remove “We couldn’t activate Windows” pop-up

we couldnt active windows popup

Close the “we couldn’t activate windows” pop-up

If the “we couldn’t activate windows” pop-up stays on top or constantly opens in fullscreen, the pop-up seems impossible to close. Execute this optional step to close the intrusive pop-up. After executing this step, please continue with Malwarebytes to start the actual removal of the adware that is causing the “we couldn’t activate windows” pop-up in the browser.

Start the Windows Task Manager by simultaneously pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL for Windows 7 or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
It is also possible to hit the taskbar with a right click and select the Task Manager from the taskbar menu.


Select the browser you are using from the list and right-click on it, selecting End Task.
It is also possible to use the End Task button in the right lower corner of the task manager.

task manager windows close popup

The internet browser should be closed now, continue to the next step to start the actual removing process of the malware.

Remove Adware with MalwareBytes

malwarebytesAdware is showing the “We couldn’t activate Windows” scam pop-up in the web browser. Often an adware or potentially unwanted program is installed on the PC that redirects the web browser to the “We couldn’t activate Windows” pop-up. You should remove the adware from your PC to stop the pop-up for showing up again.
No worries, Malwarebytes is free to detect and remove adware from your PC!

Get rid of adware with Malwarebytes. Detect the latest adware, potentially unwanted programs and other malware with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes works perfectly in addition to a primary virusscanner.

Download Malwarebytes OR More information about Malwarebytes


Run the Malwarebytes program installation file. Click here for Malwarebytes installation instructions.
Click Scan Now to start scanning for the adware responsible for the “We couldn’t activate windows” pop-up in the web browser.

malwarebytes main

Malwarebytes will start searching for malware, please wait for Malwarebytes to finish the malware scan.
Malwarebytes usually takes between 2 to 5 minutes to complete.

malwarebytes scanning for malware

Once the malware scan is performed, Malwarebytes will present the results of the adware scan.
Remove the malware found by Malwarebytes using the Quarantine Selected button.

malwarebytes scan results

Wait for Malwarebytes to move all malware to quarantine.

malwarebytes quarantine

Malwarebytes needs to make a system reboot to finish the adware removal process.
Save and close any working documents or open web pages and click Yes to reboot your PC.

malwarebytes reboot

After the system reboot, your web browser is free from the adware showing the “we couldn’t activate windows” pop-up. Stay protected with Malwarebytes against future browser hijackers and other types of malware.

Malwarebytes stops adware, abusive pop-ups, potentially unwanted programs, malicious web pages, suspicious downloads, viruses, spyware and ransomware from infecting your web browser.

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