Remove Desktop Weather Alerts (Uninstall PUP Software)

remove desktop weather alertsDesktop Weather Alerts is not a virus nor adware but a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The Desktop Weather Alerts software is bundled using custom installers called wrappers. When you need to install free software on your computer, Desktop Weather Alerts might be offered for installation during the installation proces. In our case the Desktop Weather Alerts software was installed using custom installer: Tuguu DomalQ download manager. The Desktop Weather Alerts software is installed on your computer and might promote their software or uses advertising for specific products or services, as the free version of Desktop Weather Alerts is ad-supported.

In case you find Desktop Weather Alerts installed on your computer and you have no clue how it is installed, you probably got it bundled using a wrapper of free software. If you don’t use this software, remove it from your computer and scan your computer for additional adware, toolbars, homepage hijackers as they are promoted by Tuguu customs installers.

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