Watch out for (Air installer virus)

A website that warns Internet users that they should update their Flash Player installs in reality a bunch of Firefox extensions. The website displays to Firefox users a pop -up that there is an update for the Adobe Flash Player.
The file offered is however no update , but a program that pretends to be “Flash Player Pro” version of the Adobe Flash Player. Once the user has completed the installation , there are as many as 10 Firefox extensions installed,
AVG SafeGuard toolbar, bomlabio 1.0.0, Default Tab 2.1, Fast Free Converter 4.1, Iminent, Linksicle, LyricsParty-15 0.92.6, SweetPacks, SySaver 2 and Wajam 1.26.

The extensions include ads and nine of the 48 virus scanners on VirusTotal consider the installation as adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs.
Eight out of ten extensions bypass the warning screen of Firefox where the end user gets to see a alert telling them that an extension is installed.

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