Remove Hotspot Shield – Unwanted Software (Uninstall Guide)

In this case we write a article about the removal instruction for Hotspot Shield. Do notice that Hotspot Shield is not a virus. But it does act like a Potentially Unwanted Program. We got questions from customers who installed Hotspot Shield on their computer without notice. This is because Hotspot Shield comes bundled with known adware contained custom installers from and CNET. The CNET custom installer is where we got Hotspot Shield installed. If you try to decline Hotspot Shield during installation of the free software you are trying to download, the whole installation quits. Even the free software is not installed. This behavior might vary from customs installer.

You are being forced to install the offered application if you want to try the free software you originally trying to install. Therefor this removal instruction for Hotspot Shield.

Also we added 2 free tools to remove additional offered adware that is also forced to be installed onto your computer. We use AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware for detection and removal of adware on your computer system. Both AdwCleaner and MBAM are known adware removal tools and completely free of charge.

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