Remove “Ads by Vid-Saver”

Remove Ads by Vid-SaverVid-Saver is a browser extension, plugin or addon for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, also called a Browser Helper Object for Internet Explorer. This Vid-Saver adware is bundled with software downloaded from large download sites. The Vid-Saver adware will change your default Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox security settings to install itself into your browser. As soon as Vid-Saver is installed, Vid-Saver will start showing popups with Survey’s and other malicious and annoying inline advertisements “ads by vid-saver” and “ads not by this site”. It is advised to always read the Terms and Agreements before installing software on your computer. Do never click too fast thru the installation process [Next] button of software as you will agree to software you might not want to install. If the installer offers a Advanced or Custom option button, click it to find out if there is any other malicious software offered and installed during the installation process.

Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender might classify this Vid-Saver threat as: Adware:Win32/Vidsaver.

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Remove “Ads by Qubiv” adware (Removal Guide)

Ads by Qubiv will show in your browser if your computer is infected with Adware a Potentially Unwanted Program or a virus. Adware can be very annoying and will slow down your computer and internet experience considerably.

Qubiv will display all different kind of advertisements in your browser. Advertisements displayed by Qubiv will vary as underlined text “Ads by Qubiv“, “Ad by Qubiv“, “Powered by Qubiv” or “Brought by Qubiv“. These ads are often shown as boxes containing large in-text rectangle or horizontal blocks, video advertisements, sound advertisements, coupons with additional pop-ups.

Clicking these advertisements caused by Qubiv may result in further infections in your computer by redirecting the browser to more adware. Most of the advertisements are often based on keywords found in the content of the website you were visiting.

Clicking in the middle of the page will trigger a pop-up window, redirecting your browser to unwanted advertisements or social engineering scams such as a Flash Player, Browser or Media Player update scam.

As mentioned earlier in this article, adware not a real threat to your computer, but it can however be very annoying. Browser extensions added by adware might slow down your computer and collect personally identifiable information such as your ip address, your location, your browsing habits and are eventually used or sold for marketing or research.

Always opt for a Advanced or Custom button when installing software, these button’s reveal what software is bundled and eventually installed by third party software. Never ever, click the Quick install button as it possibly installs Adware or a Potentially Unwanted Program you probably don’t want on your computer.

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Remove homepage (Removal Guide)

is a dubious website which redirects your favorite browser and replaces your default homepage and default search engine with is known to be bundled with free software and offered during the installation process.

It’s often the user itself which allowed the homepage on their computer. When you install free software look at what is offered during installation. The installation of free-software is build to trick you into installing bundled software using dark patterns. Unfortunately, some free-downloads do not adequately disclose that other software will also be installed on your computer.

It is advised to always read the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms and Agreements before installing software on your computer. Do never click too fast thru the installation process and read and overview every window. Do not install software you do not trust. Want to make sure that this does not happen again use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, follow our free instructions.

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