Remove “” Browser locked virus

remove virusIs your browser locked by ? Your a victim of the Fake Police Ransomware scams targeting browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera on Windows. Either also Safari on Mac OSX. This ransom lock works on all browser that allow javascript. Cyber criminals lock your browser using javascript. This lock is fairly easy to remove, follow our instruction to forcibly close your favorite browser which is locked by this fake scam.

This fake ransom lock is known to be spreading in almost all languages around the world on a lot of different websites. Do never pay the fine they ask for!

While many people would be quick to realize that this is a scam and fake, the content of the popup message can seem quite convincing, especially when it is accompanied by official-looking government seals and logos. You would think that no one would fall for this type of scam but according to Symantec, up to 2.9% of the people targeted by this scam will end up paying the fine, either out of fear of the perceived consequences, or because they are desperate to regain access to the data on their computers.

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