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Remove Public8Media.com pop-up ads (Complete Guide)

Public8media.com is a domain that is used to promote ads thru malicious browser extensions and is probably bundled using potentially unwanted software from a variety of free software. This popups from Public8media.com are not malicious itself but the adware that promotes them is. This adware causes all kinds of problems in your favorite browser, for example: popups, inline advertisements,… Read More »

Remove “Underlined Keywords” in websites (Instruction)

If you experience underlined keywords in websites, it’s not always a virus but in-text advertisement which is very common and not malicious at all. But it is also possible you have double underlined keywords in green from Public8media.com or monstermarketplace.com, which often is promoted by adware. If you don’t know for sure if you are infected by adware… Read More »