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Remove ViddyHD malware (Working Uninstall / Removal Guide)

In this case we write a article about the removal instruction for ViddyHD from RoadStar Media LTD. Do notice that ViddyHD is not a virus or adware. But it does act like a Potentially Unwanted Program. We got a lot of questions from customers who installed ViddyHD on their computer and were infected with loads of adware. This is because ViddyHD… Read More »

Remove “Please install ViddyHD Media Player and continue” popup scam

You are surfing the internet and a popup pops up within your browser telling you “Please install ViddyHD Media Player and continue”. This “Please install ViddyHD Media Player and continue” message is a social engineering trick to scare people into downloading a fake version of a video codec called ViddyHD. Distributors use this “Please install ViddyHD Media Player… Read More »