Remove “Your Browser has been locked” virus

remove your browser has been locked virusWhen you see a message “Your Browser has been locked”, pretending to be from the your local police (this message varies per country) or the FBI. This message tries to trick you into paying money to unlock your computer, this scam is known as Ransomware. But what is Ransomware ? Ransomware is classified as malware that usually locks your computer or encrypts specific files and asks a fine to get redeem of your locked computer. The ransomware virus pretends to have locked your computer or encrypted your personal files because you have visited and spreading sexual content, or you have been involved in spreading copyrighted related video or music material. Non is off this is true in first place, they just trying to scare the computer user into paying the fine. Do know that the images the distributors use to scare you into paying the fine, might be shocking. In the latest versions of Ransomware the distributors use real sexual related images to let you think you might have been spreading sexual content. We also see that they use fake logging that you do have visited sexual content webpages and show your current ip-address within this logging.

While many people would be quick to realize that this is a scam and fake, the content of the popup message can seem quite convincing, especially when it is accompanied by official-looking government seals and logos. You would think that no one would fall for this type of scam but according to Symantec, up to 2.9% of the people targeted by this scam will end up paying the fine, either out of fear of the perceived consequences, or because they are desperate to regain access to the data on their computers.

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